Connected Learning: Action & Education

Connected Learning: Action & Education

Connected Learning: Action & EducationConnected Learning: Action & EducationConnected Learning: Action & Education

Connecting Learners, Communities, and Contributors

About Us

Connected Educators

Our  project  focuses specifically on connecting students with people who can serve as mentors to help student collaborative teams enact the connected learning youth activism projects they design and to make their projects freely accessible via various digital outlets.

Centering Youth Interests

Beginning with urban high school students’ authentic interests in bringing about meaningful change in their community, our project supports students  to design and implement justice-oriented projects that will seek to change the inequities they live with every day. The students are acutely aware of the unjust education they have received and the trauma associated with everyday life in high poverty communities. Our project  facilitates their developing relationships in the community by identifying mentors who can help them make the changes they want to see. 

Commitment to Liberation

Our shared purpose is to take authentic action for justice and equity in the Rochester community and beyond. 

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